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Your complete excavation needs can be fulfilled by Thomson Excavation. Stacey Thomson, owner, heads up all projects ranging from retaining walls to pond sites. Many projects include Thomson Timber Harvesting and Thomson Excavation in conjunction with each other in order to obtain fine results.

Elaborate stonewalls and patios can be constructed to add beauty and value to your property.

Create a driveway to open a new piece of property or upgrade your present eroding driveway. Thomson excavation is available for projects of any size. With Stacey Thomson’s capabilities, your visions of increasing your property value can be completed with utmost ease.

Thomson Excavation fabricated a simple manure pit for a horse farm in Orford, NH. Additionally, local dairy farmers have utilized our excavation services for liquid manure pit maintenance purposes.

Thomson utilizes many local business resources in order to help keep the small business owner economy strong. As a small business owner himself, he knows the importance of this philosophy.

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