Firewood – Order Form

We have Green Wood, Seasoned Wood, and Kiln Dried.

For Green we have 24″ available In the spring we will have 16″ available in green. For Seasoned we have 16″,  20″ and 24″ available. We only have 16″ available in the kiln dried. Our seasoned wood is between green and kiln dried. The seasoned wood is burnable, however we like to be clear that we are not advertising it as kiln dried. The seasoned will still have a moisture content. Our Firewood is a product of our Timber Harvesting operation, so our wood is mixed hardwood. It is not one specific species. Our seasoned wood has been cut and in log length form for about nine months and has been cut and split into firewood for about two months. 

The price per cord depends on the town in which we are delivering the wood to. Please call the office for pricing. 

Our delivery schedule is pretty flexible. We can usually get deliveries out within a couple of days of the order being placed. . We do request driveways be plowed and sanded so our trucks don’t have to turn around and bring the firewood home if they can’t make your driveway. We charge an additional fee of $50 if we can’t make the driveway and have to bring the wood back just to turn around and attempt delivery again at another time. Homeowners do not need to be home for delivery as the driver creates his own route so we can’t give specific times as to when wood will arrive. We ask that homeowners mark a spot for the driver as to where they would like the wood to be dumped using a grade stake, tarp, bucket or anything similar.

Our payment options are cash or check. I usually tell people to leave a check taped to their front door or wood shed. 

Thomson utilizes many local business resources in order to help keep the small business owner economy strong. As a small business owner himself, he knows the importance of this philosophy.

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