Thomson Industrial Sandblasting & Painting

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Our technicians specialize in:

• Commercial Vehicles • Heavy Equipment • Industrial Equipment • Bedliner Coating • Trailers • Frames • Wheels • Steel Fabrication • Cabs and More Other projects: • Propane and Gas Tanks • Cast Iron Radiators • Bath Tubs • Steel Signs • Railings • Industrial Tables  • Tanks

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We proudly use Delfleet Essential paint by PPG, clear coats and epoxy primer. Delfleet Essential is a very tough and high quality paint ideal for use in industrial and commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. It delivers a glossy durable finish that will stand up to harsh winters and other natural elements. Your property will look better and last longer. We also offer high quality spray-on Pro-Tex Bedliners by SEM.


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We have the largest painting and media blasting booths in the region.

• Our paint booth is 20 feet wide, 55 feet long and 14 feet tall.

• Our sand and media blasting booth is 20 feet wide, 70 feet long and 16 feet tall.

The bottom line: We can sandblast and paint anything that can be transported.

Thomson utilizes many local business resources in order to help keep the small business owner economy strong. As a small business owner himself, he knows the importance of this philosophy.

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