Timber & Trucking

With proper planning a landowner can harvest timber, protect water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and create recreational opportunities in their forest, all at the same time.

– Stacey Thomson

Thomson Timber Trucking and Harvesting, created in the late 90’s, is now a prosperous local timber business serving the Upper Valley Region. Stacey Thomson has created a solid business reputation with the local communities for the numerous services that his business offers.

Most commonly, “logging” is the term used by most when describing a timber business. However, Thomson Timber and Harvesting is more expansive and specializes in view cuts, selective cutting and lot clearing. Additionally, services for selective tree removal around residential structures/areas is also available to the community.

The Thomson Timber log yard provides a timber market to the local private loggers. Please download the Spec Sheet [pdf] for prices, however more specific questions can be answered by calling our local office in Orford, NH at (603)353-9700.

Thomson utilizes many local business resources in order to help keep the small business owner economy strong. As a small business owner himself, he knows the importance of this philosophy.

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